Proteins are very important for any human being regardless of whether they are on weight loss diet or for building up muscles and what not. Proteins are a necessity for human being for various reasons. They are important for nails and hair as they are mostly made of protein. Our body also uses proteins to repair and renew our tissues. Many enzymes, chemical component and hormones are made with the help of protein. Not to forget about their important role in bones, muscles and cartilages.

As you can see from all these functions, protein play a major role in our body. That is why it is a necessity, it is important that everyone incorporates protein in their daily diet and it is one of the most important part of the 3 week diet system.

Protein powders can be incorporated in your diet in a variety of ways. They can reach to the target cells for their specific function. Incorporating proteins is much better way to utilize it since it reaches your cells quickly and it is very convenient to use. For those who like to use specific flavors to enhance the taste, it is even better because it comes in different flavors.

These protein powders can be incorporated into your daily diet in a variety of ways and overall you can reach your target intake of protein per day easily. One of the best advantages of protein intake is that it will keep your stomach full and you will not get the urge to eat very soon again. That is why when a person is on diet, the first thing that is recommended is to increase your protein intake and lower the carbohydrate intake.

Here are some of the best tips on how to incorporate protein powder in your daily diet.

  • When taking caffeine like tea or coffee, pour the protein powder in your cup according to your preferences like vanilla or chocolate. Most people take caffeine early morning once or some take it more than once in a day. This is the easiest way to incorporate protein powder for those who are hooked to caffeine.
  • For breakfast one can have banana oatmeal cookies. They make you feel like you are having cookies but it is way healthier. You can incorporate the protein powder along with the peanut butter. The best thing about this is that one will feel full for many hours without feeling hungry.
  • You can make banana bread at home where instead of using full wheat flour, use half of it and the other half use the protein powder. This is the healthiest secret recipe for dieters.
  • For those who love to have yoghurt in their diet, they can use flavored protein powder in their diet instead of just adding sugar. This will not only give a good taste but it is also very good as yoghurt already contains protein.
  • Protein powder can be added to your salad according to your preferred flavor. Easiest way for dieters.
  • Protein powder can be added to your milkshake which is homemade with low fat milk.

All these above tips shouldn’t make it difficult to incorporate protein powder in your diet. Protein powders can be from a variety of sources such as soy or egg albumen or yoghurt.

Due to different flavors available nowadays in the market, it has made it easier. However, these flavors may contain many unhealthy coloring agent or sweeteners, which is why it is recommended to buy the one with the least artificial content.