Have you ever heard of chiropractic treatment but was not really sure what its all about? If you have never given it much thought, here’s a quick overview of what it can do for your health.


What is Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic treatment involves non-surgical treatments for disorders in the nervous system or musculoskeletal system. Practitioners of this treatment, called chiropractors, use spinal manipulation and specialized massages to treat the affected areas. Though considered by some as an alternative form of medical treatment, there have been many studies concluding the manipulations used by chiropractors have been effective in diminishing or if not totally treating lower back pains, neck pains, lumbar herniated disc, and other postural problems.


How to Choose Your Chiropractor

When looking for a chiropractic Dubai physical therapy clinics are a good place to start. There you can already have a list of chiropractors you can schedule an appointment with and even get some necessary tests on the spot.

However, if you want to prepare and ask for recommendations, going to you primary care physician is also a good idea. Your doctor can recommend chiropractors they know or view as experienced and competent and would give you the appropriate treatment program you need.

After you have done your research, the next thing to do is call your chiropractor and conduct a subtle interview, ask general questions, and learn more about his practice and chiropractic treatment. You can also request an in-office consultation just to have a general idea of the program/treatment that your chiropractor might suggest.

An important thing when choosing your chiropractor is to really feel comfortable around him/her. This is because the treatment may require you to visit the clinic for several sessions and sometimes sessions last for a few minutes to a few hours. Also, feeling relaxed and comfortable when you are at the clinic will also held cultivate a positive atmosphere that will then contribute to the overall healing process.


What to Expect When You First Visit Your Chiropractor

When you are set for your appointment with your chiropractor, it’s important to not schedule so many activities on the day of your check-up. This is to allow you to stay relaxed during the consultation and for your chiropractor to have the time to carefully listen to your concerns and provide the appropriate treatment plan for you.

During the check-up, you may also be asked to remove clothing in order for your chiropractor to better assess the problem area. So it’s important that you are open to this procedure and feel very confident and comfortable around your chiropractor.

There will also be interview questions you need to answer about family medical history, diseases, dietary habits, and physical activities. The chiropractor may also ask you to talk about your present work and describe what are some of the physical labor you do. He/she may also ask about your previous or past occupations in order to find a connection (if there is any) between the nature of your work and the physical problems you are experiencing.


It’s always best to be ready and relaxed for a medical consultation. Be sure you are well rested the night before and come in a few minutes early for your scheduled appointment.