Whether you are a video production company or a business who wants to produce a corporate video for a product or service you offer, the fact remains that you have to make your corporate video presentations very concise and entertaining for your viewers. With the short attention span of most audience today, you cannot afford to have a very long video that will just keep on delaying your point. You have to know how to catch the attention of your viewers at least at the first few minutes of your presentation or else you risk losing their focus and end up with an ineffective video presentation.

There are several ways or techniques you can do in order to create a really good and entertaining video presentation without sacrificing the content. Of course, the goal is to still deliver the message of your video, but you just have to know how to make it more appealing for your audience.

First of all, when you are making a video, you have to know who is your target audience. Would it be students? Office workers? Mothers? You can have as many types of audience but one thing you need to do is to be specific as to who they are, what demographics they belong to, what’s their social background, buying or consuming trends, etc. This information will all be very useful when figuring out how you are going to write the script for your video presentation and what elements you are going to include in the video.

For example, when it comes to corporate video presentations Dubai video production houses usually try to write the script as if they are really part of the target audience they are trying to send the message to. If you are making a video for a cosmetics products for young, college female students, then the way the script would be written would usually be informal, fun, and very inspiring. This is to appeal to the carefree and outgoing/socializing attitude of most college female students. If you are able to speak to them in their own language and ways, then you will be able to place your video presentation effectively.


Secondly, when making your corporate video presentations, you have to consider the time limit or total running time of your video. For corporate products and services, a video that goes beyond 5 minutes is already super long and you will likely lose your viewer’s attention and not have a chance to gain it back beyond the 5 minute-mark even if you present something very intriguing in your video after that period.


For the introduction or the video, make sure you make your point or present the most important part of your presentation within the first 2 minutes of your work. If you are not able to do this, your audience might also become very impatient, start looking around, and even worse, just totally walk away from your presentation. Just make sure you present your main point at the beginning of the video and be as concise as you can be to your viewers.


Source: ENH Media